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Commonly Asked Questions about SLA 3D Printing

3D printing is a great way to create your next project. However, there are multiple methods of 3D printing. The method you choose will influence the cost, post-processing, and final result of your project.

The method we suggest is SLA printing.

Why SLA Printing?

SLA or Stereolithography Printing is a popular method of 3D printing utilizing resin and UV light. The polymer resin is cured layer by layer using an ultraviolet laser beam. This process is known as photopolymerization.

SLA printing is the most cost-effective of 3D printing technologies available being able to achieve tight tolerances and superb surface finishes.

Upon the completion of printing, the print undergoes post-processing under UV light.

Fast Turnaround

The Industrial Printers utilized by Corellia Creations have a very fast turnaround time. Check with us to find out about our printing schedule.

Part tolerances

The Industrial Printers utilized by Corellia Creations can print to a tolerance of +-0.01mm.

Print bed size

Our printers have a printer bed capacity of 600 x 600 x 800mm.

Support Structures

Our printer technicians will orient the part. If a specific orientation is required, please inform us.

External Elements

SLA prints should not be left in a location with elevated temperatures (hot car, outdoor storage in the sun, car boot) as this may induced warping. It is also recommended that all SLA parts be spray-coated with a clear coat of UV protectant paint before use. Continued exposure to UV light without protectants will have detrimental effects on the mechanical and aesthetic properties of a piece.

Mechanical loading

SLA materials are more brittle than materials produced with FDM or SLS printing methods. For this reason, they are not suitable for the manufacturing of components that have to undertake significant loading. Material advances in the future should solve this issue.

Post Processing

SLA parts can be finished to an incredibly high standard using methods such as polishing and sanding. Do let our team know if you require our post-processing services.

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