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How to Finish Your 3D Prints

How to Finish Your SLA Print

SLA printing is fantastic for its smooth finishes. However, depending on your requirements, further, post-processing may be needed. A few extra finishing touches are all that is required to take your print from


In this write-up, we hope to demonstrate the methods you can use.

First things first, WASH YOUR PART

Upon the completion of the printing and post-processing, all parts should be washed to remove any sticky uncured resin that may remain on the surface of the print.

We recommend using IPA (Isopropyl- Alcohol) for cleaning your parts if available. If not, dish soap, a sponge, and water will do


Some parts may require a second wash to ensure that they are clean.

Do I have to Post Cure my parts?

As our parts are printed utilizing industrial systems. It is not necessary for you to do any post-curing as this has already been carried out.


The most efficient way to achieve a smooth surface is through the use of sandpaper. You may start from a lower grit ( 400) and work your way up to 2000-3000 grit as required. SLA prints are made of resin and are very easy to sand.

That being said, layer lines on SLA prints are very fine and minimal finishing work is usually required.


If you are going to paint a part, we recommend using a spray primer and then the paints of choice.

Clear Coat.

A UV protectant clear coat should be used as a top layer to protect the print and achieve a smooth finish.


Corellia Creations also offers an electroplating service. This is a great alternative to metal 3D printing.

Electroplating is an electro-chemical process. Metal Ions are deposited on the surface of a part in thin layers. Electroplating strengthens parts and improves a part's resistance to wear, UV exposure, and corrosion.

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